FORMS (School, Camp, Etc...)

Attention Patients:

There will be no charge for forms which are completed during an appointment, otherwise, please note that there is a charge of $5 per page (up to a maximum of $20) for the completion of forms (school, camp, etc). If the patient has not been seen in the past 6 months, an appointment must be scheduled in order for us to complete the form. 

There are a couple of exceptions to the above:

1. If the patient is being seen for food allergies only and their follow up is indicated for 1 year, we are able to complete the school and camp forms without an appointment. There is still a $5 per page charge for the forms. However, it is always encouraged that a patient or parent of the child, have an appointment before any school form is completed, to make sure the form is up-to-date, and accurate.

2. If a patient requires a note to carry a medication on a plane (e.g. Epi Pen /TwinJect) they do not require an office visit and will not be charged for the note, as long as they have been seen within one year.

Note: Please be aware that we have a 24 hour turnaround time on all forms.