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March 2011

Does your child with asthma want to go off to a fabulous outdoor camp this summer, have a blast, eat good food, hang out with other kids with asthma, and be able to be away from their parents for 5 days?  Well, if so, you need to sign them up for SCAMP camp.

SCAMP (which stands for Southern California Asthma Medical Program) camp is a summer residential camp program sponsored by the American Lung Association of California (ALAC). It has been around for the last 40 years.  Each year, the ALA arranges for 200 or so children with asthma, ages 8 to 13 years, from San Diego, Orange and Los Angeles counties to be transported up to Camp Marston, a popular YMCA camp in the Julian mountains, and spend about a week having a fun and active outdoor experience.

Know that this camp is different from regular summer camps in that medical volunteers staff the camp to help support any medical needs the children may have while there. So, if your child's asthma flares up, experts in the area of asthma are there to get in under control, to make sure they successfully complete the week. Special precautions are put in place to make sure children with severe food allergies are not exposed to any foods they are not supposed to eat.

Dr. Welch of AAMGRC knows this camp very well - he has been the medical director of the camp for over 30 years. He gives an almost 100% guarantee to the family that the child with asthma will have the best time of their life at camp, while being kept safe and secure. And, while your child is having a good time, the ALA staff and medical volunteers "sneak in" a little asthma education, to make sure kids go home with a better understanding of how to control their asthma.  Tell your child not to worry - the teaching is not the typical boring stuff - it's fun and hands-on! In fact, one day, Dr. Welch arranges to have the children dissect, examine and touch a real pig lung!

You can go to Camp Marston's website where the camp is held, and see all the cool stuff it has to offer kids including fishing, wall climbing, boating, hiking, archery, and lots of other fun activities.

For an application, you can go to our website and find it.

Dr. Welch hopes to see your kid there this year!!
Media Activity
Drs. Meltzer and Welch have done some recent radio interviews and Dr. Welch published a new book.  Click on the links below. 

What 'Ah-Choo' Can Do For You
Dr. Meltzer's interview with National Public Radio :  Morning Edition, Feb 7, 2011

Cats and Dogs in the House Can Help Your Allergies?
Dr. Welch's interview with eHealth Radio : Feb 3, 2011


Dr. Welch's book Allergies and Asthma: What Every Parent Needs to Know is an invaluable resource for parents and caregivers trying to cope with the challenges of childhood asthma and allergies.  Click on the link below to see a preview of the book and ordering information.

Allergies and Asthma 2nd Edition: What Every Parent Needs to Know - Michael J. Welch, MD, FAAAAI, FAAP, CPI

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Research News
Spring is around the corner and pollen is in the air!  We have new spring allergy studies starting soon, please call our office (858) 268-2368 or email us at to find out if you qualify.

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