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August 2010 

Our Research Department

Did you know that most of the allergy and asthma medications you use, or heard of, were studied right here in our office? We have been conducting clinical research for over 30 years. In fact, our physician and research staff have personally been involved in over 600 clinical trials. In my 30 years of employment here at AAMGRC, I have been a part of the clinical research on therapies such as albuterol, inhaled corticosteroids, and non-sedating antihistamines, to name a few.  Many of these are approved, marketed and in use today. This has been rewarding and valuable to me as a healthcare worker who has allergies and asthma, and as a mother of a daughter with asthma.

Clinical trials are scientific studies that test the effectiveness of new medical treatments or devices with patients. Clinical testing of medication is an important and critical stage of the development of treatment therapies, which are carefully monitored and regulated by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA).

Participation in studies is voluntary. During study participation, patient volunteers are closely monitored and evaluated by our office physicians, nurse practitioner and research staff. Careful consideration is given to an individual’s medical and medication history prior to entering into a study to see if it is the right “fit” for the patient. Study visits take place in our main office with as much scheduling flexibility as possible. 

Our staff makes every effort to provide the care and attention to detail to make it a positive and rewarding experience. We consider it a partnership and commitment between the patient and staff to further the development of new therapies to help others suffering from respiratory disease.

If you or someone you know are interested in participating in clinical research please call our research department at 858-268-2368 or email us at research@allergyandasthma.com. You can also learn more on our website at www.allergyandasthma.com

Next time you are in the San Diego office, visit the research department to take a tour and meet the research staff. It would be our pleasure to meet you and answer any questions about clinical research that you may have. Your experience will leave you with a whole new appreciation of how medications are developed and the countless volunteers that helped to make it happen. I know it has made a big impression on me. I am thankfully reminded of it every time I reach for my inhaler.

Carol Gallet, LVN, CCRC
Research Manager

Employee of the Quarter
Congratulations to Peggy for being employee of the quarter! Peggy has worked at AAMGRC for almost 5 years.  She is one of the first friendly faces you see when you walk in the office and is always happy to help you.  Peggy has become quite the social coordinator planning parties and potlucks to celebrate fun events and we are happy to have her here.
Labor Day Office Hours
Our office will be closed on Monday, September 6th for Labor Day.  We will resume normal business hours on Tuesday, September 7th.
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