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December 2012
Allergy Tips For Christmas

While bringing home a live Christmas tree marks the beginning of the holiday season for many, certain allergy sufferers sometimes note a worsening of their allergy symptoms which make them not so jolly about the tree in the house. And they usually blame the problem on the pollen from the pine tree. But, in fact, it’s not the tree itself that is wreaking the havoc – it’s the mold that thrives on its branches that can trigger weeks of suffering.

Mold spore counts from a live Christmas tree can rise to five times the normal level two weeks after the tree is brought indoors, which can prove problematic for people with mold allergies.  These high levels can trigger symptoms of allergic rhinitis (also known as “hay fever”), and asthma, and so if a person isn’t feeling well, consider the Christmas tree as a possible source of allergies.

To avoid the “Christmas tree syndrome”, it is recommended people with mold sensitivity keep a live Christmas tree in the house for only four to seven days, or instead, consider purchasing an artificial tree. Running an air cleaner in the same room as the tree could theoretically reduce the mold exposure, but this has never been studied, and probably not something to count on.

And mold is not the only problem that comes with a live tree. For some people who are sensitive to odors (which turns out that patients with asthma and hay fever often are), the aroma from the tree, which most people like, could irritate their nose and cause symptoms. For these people, avoiding live trees may be best.

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Congratulations to Dr. Welch for being selected as one of San Diego's Physicians of
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